Kazzum’s tone of voice and communications material


This disability-led, youth-focussed theatre company wanted to refresh its website, communications and tone of voice to make them more effective at selling its shows to festivals, schools and families – as well as its consultancy services in disability-led arts.


I worked with the team to deconstruct who their main audiences segments are (school teachers; families attending festivals; young independent adults) and define why each segment would visit the website. This enabled me to design a structure and tone of voice that informed the web design and build, and fed through my copywriting for the site, schools communications packs and festival promotions. Co-devised programme with teacher advisory groups, for example, has now become and integrated part of the communications plan.


The company now has a fresh, playful and direct tone of voice and a clean website that visitors can easily navigate according to their interest and needs. Kazzum’s productions a places they perform have expanded, and co-devising the programme, with teacher advisory groups for example, has now become an integrated part of the communications plan.


December 2012-July 2014


Communications campaigns, Training and mentoring