Teens relationship with social media

One of my colleagues on the Circuit programme flagged up an insightful Channel 4 series about teenagers

– it makes great, if scary (at times) watching! There’s also very impressive evidence of young people who have opinions, a strong sense of justice and what it is to be part of society, and who are prepared to stand up as agents of change.


Screen grab from Teens, Channel 4

Teens from Channel 4


But the first episode’s snippet for arts marketers is on the subtleties of social media relationships …


“[There’s someone you’re interested in] … You follow them on Twitter or Instagram or something, [so they followed back]. Once you’re on DM (Direct Message) then you’re on good ground. When you get [their] mobile number, you go on What’s App. Who texts? Texting’s too serious. You text your Dad, your Mum … I think it’s really weird talking to people over text coz text, it’s not your true personality.”


Go figure