Philharmonia Orchestra and south west consortium win ACE strategic touring money for i-Orchestra

Very excitingly, ACE has announced that the Philharmonia Orchestra and the consortium of South West organisations with whom they’re working- including councils, music education hubs and venues – have succeeded in the bid for money for iOrchestra. This project will take the Philharmonia’s two digital installations (Re-Rite and Universe of Sound) on tour in the South West along with newly-developed satellite installations that will set up camp in 14 different neighbourhoods  of limited access to arts and music, as the focus for the audience development strategy I created for the project. It’s a two-year project, and will be bringing live and digitally- delivered music to the audiences in 2014 and 2015. And we absolutely can’t wait to get cracking!


Read more about the project in the joint press release, here.