Advocacy for the arts – a growing concern

Fresh from the excellent Independent Theatre Council conference yesterday, with conversations about advocacy and neighbourliness in the arts, I saw a link from a friend on Facebook. A friend who goes to arty things and enjoys them – when the opportunity arises in a busy family life that also takes in sports, shopping, holidays, helping out and all the rest. But she took the time to pass on a post from a local art gallery, who took the time to thank their local councillor for supporting a bid for the money to buy essential equipment.


And the councillor responded, noting the gallery was valuable not just for itself, but for the town as a whole.


We also heard yesterday about the growing What Next? Movement (register for the next national meeting on 29 April, here), and from Jim Beirne from Live Theatre about the reaction in Newcastle to the council’s plans to cut 100% of their arts subsidy, and the years-long work to embed public support for arts and culture, which helped them fight back.


So I think it’s great The Green Man Gallery in Buxton says thanks – it’s the kind of thing other delegates at the conference yesterday were talking about. And it’s the kind of thing people not within our die-hard group of people who work in the arts hear about and feel encouraged to pass on.