I do love a good data programme

Spectrix_BenPark_PageCropI’ve just spent a couple of hours over coffee in the lovely light of the British Museum’s Great Court, getting up-to-date with the Spektrix box office system. Two hours? Well, I do confess to a certain geeky love of well-designed systems that deliver lots of lovely audience intelligence.


Box office systems and integrated marketing modules have ben transformed since back-in-the-day and it’s worth exploring all of them before you make a choice. I’m doing some of the exploring on your behalf.


Highlights of this system? Ease of access for all users. The ‘Cloud’ delivery solution seems to offer a good price for a solid product. Customer seat selection and seat views/ restricted information easily integrated. Ability to segment, select, set up marketing campaigns and track results. Ease of setting up standard marketing, show and financial reports that then run automatically with almost no time-requirement.


Close on the heels of developing guidelines for data and audience development on tour (for Arts Council England through The Audience Agency), I especially saw the ease with which information could be generated to fulfil many of the ‘best practice’ data sharing steps we advised. For venues with the Spectrix system – and undoubtedly many of the other new or modernised systems available – the computer is actually very unlikely to say ‘no’.