Social Diary

The newly-minted design of Arts Professional magazine landed through the door the other day. Flattering our super-cool arts sensibilities the layout is clean, sleek… and anal. Unadorned by images the type is so tiny that I struggled to get interested in what they had to say. Or maybe I’m getting old and my eyesight is failing. But it seems a shame for a publication I used to grab and read avidly as soon as it arrived.


Another change is the obligatory list of what the journalists have been up to, culture-wise. Is this trend (borrowed from the Guardian and others) a way of implying that unless your cultural diary is jammed full, how can you possibly tell good from bad? If so, I’d better state my credentials pronto


Rachel Escott has lately been sampling War Horse at New London Theatre, Vladimir Jurowski conducting Mahler’s 2nd Symphony at the Royal Festival Hall, Paul Smith talking to fashion students at the Design Museum, The Battle of Ideas debating history and identity and the divine in culture, City of London Sinfonia concerts, the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus and John Irving launching his latest tome.


Coming up there’s a first for us: The Turn of the Screw at ENO (will we stay the distance?) and the following night a thrill to see again The Indigo Girls at last back in the UK.


All washed down by ample doses of Dance to the Music of Time, The Lost Symbol and The West Wing.