Talking about The Postal Museum


The Postal Museum and Mail Rail will be the newest visitor attraction and museum in London, opening in 2017. At this point in their preparations for opening, the team asked me to help create the in-house brand handbook for use by all staff, to assure a friendly, approachable and effective communications policy and welcome for all visitors.


I’m pulling together brand and style decisions from a range of internal sources into an easy-to-use and inspirational handbook. Importantly, my experience of working in-house in large and small organisations means I can create a publication that works intuitively with the reality of staff behaviours and organisational aims.


“Thanks again for all your work on the brand handbook, it went down really well and I’ve regularly seen staff consulting their copies off their own backs, so that’s got to be a positive!” Harry Huskisson, Head of Communications and Marketing


July-September 2016


Communications campaigns