Strategy and mentoring with Circuit galleries and young people


The nine galleries involved in the Tate/ Paul Hamlyn Foundation Circuit project are working to build youth audiences through peer-group development and peer-led activities, and to create changes within their organisations that will make them open to youth audiences for the long term.


I act as marketing and audience development consultant, trainer and especially mentor, which has spurred them to research and evaluate their youth audiences in depth, and to analyse their findings so as to understand the changes in facilities, approach, programme, brand and communications styles that are needed to build these new audiences.

I have also supported the marketing staff to bring all other members of their gallery staff on board with the changes. At the heart of this is developing their understanding of the many differences between young people: that their needs, motivations and barriers are varied, as are their communications behaviours.


As a result and with my support the gallery teams are devising programmes, activities and engagement methods that are increasingly successful with their different target youth audiences. See: and an interview with me.




Audience research, Communications campaigns, Evaluation, Strategic planning, Training and mentoring