Refining the journey with Watford Palace Theatre


In 2015 I conducted focus groups with staff, audiences and senior management team and supporters to explore the value and relationships felt towards the theatre, to help Watford Palace Theatre overhaul the way it communicated with all of its audiences. Four years later, and they have brought me in to re-visit the exercise, to measure the impact of the changes they made.


As well as repeating the focus group sessions, with an updated scripts and questions tailored to what the team is now eager to know, I have helped structure an online survey of existing audiences and the wider population. The results of this will also inform the topics covered in the focus groups.


Brought in in 2015 to look at ways of updating the communications channels and tone of voice/ brand, my findings resulted in recommendations concerning the café facilities, show timings, programme, additional events and Friends benefits, as well as a significant shift in the way the theatre regards its relationship with audiences. This new exercise will measure impact and ask ‘what next?’

“Rachel provided in depth analysis of the sessions with essential recommendations. We were able to action many of these recommendations which has led to some major changes in how we communicate to our audiences. From these changes we have seen in the last couple of years an increase of audiences for a number of stands of our work.”


March-September 2015


Audience research, Evaluation