Music to Remember joint marketing


Nine different London orchestras and orchestral music venues had previously collaborated to analyse their booking data as a shared resource, looking for trends and cross-over.

As the next stage of the collaboration, partners wanted to build on the insights that a large number of people have attended classical music once but not again (at any orchestra or venue); that there was little cross-over of audiences between orchestras at this low level of attendance, and that too much choice combined with perceived lack of knowledge was the main barrier to returning, rather than price.


For Audiences London I project-managed a joint marketing campaign whereby a sub-selection of concerts by all the orchestras and venues involved were marketed by ‘theme’ or emotional impact of the music, rather than by repertoire or lead performers. The campaign was housed on a bespoke mini-site on the Time Out platform, and promoted via AB testing of direct mail and direct email to a tightly-defined group of low attenders or lapsed audiences among the partners’ databases. We used competition prizes and additional information and quirky facts on the website to add to the appeal.


The email and website analytics response rate and e-survey responses were all very positive, with a 3.8% response rate compared to direct marketing average for the arts of 2.6%. And these were infrequent or first-time bookers.

80% of households sent direct mail (email or postal) as part of this campaign attended one concert, 12% attended 2, 4.5% attended 3 and 4% attended 4 or more times to the selected list of concerts. There were 1,654 transactions for a total of 3,345 tickets.

78% of the transactions were as a result of receiving an email.

72% of people surveys got everything or most of what they wanted from the site, including learning more about music and orchestras, and getting new ideas. 73% found the relevance of the site good/very good and they also found it very easy to use, with over half of users making repeat visits.

“It is difficult to find the correct information about classical music on other websites but this website makes it possible to consider a number of options and make a choice without having to spend hours looking for alternatives.”

“ ease of being able to see what concerts were being held in the different venues”


September 2010-July 2011


“A big thank you for all your help on our Audiences London project. It was enormously helpful to have someone like you to pull it all together so brilliantly and to keep us all in check!”

“Thanks very much for all your work on our campaign and on getting the microsite up and running. It must have been a complex job working with so many partners so it’s much appreciated. It’s been really great working with you.”


Communications campaigns, Evaluation, Project management