Evaluating Pedestrian’s Concept co-creation with young people


Pedestrian is an East Midlands-based agency that brokers education and training for young people at risk and vulnerable adults. It runs Concept: a project that offers a 5-day intensive ‘pop-up studio’ residency where artists and young people collaborate to co-produce an original EP with a shared concept, character or theme. It also leads to Arts Award qualifications if they wish. Pedestrian wanted me to assess whether their ideas about achieving positive outcomes for the young people this bear out.


My approach has been to look at documentation gathered in the setting up, recruitment and running of the project workshops and combine this with observation, participatory evaluation and reflective conversation sessions – with the young people and the professional musician facilitators – to answer the specific questions Pedestrian have about their methodology; and to test out the hypotheses behind the project.


After an interim report on the 2017 experience, Pedestrian made several changes to the structure of the residency and drop-in sessions, and to staff training and reflections create a stronger focus on each young person’s development. They also embedded the Arts Award process more closely into the residency activities. As a result, attendance rates, performances and measures of progression and achievement all increased considerably.

I delivered the final assessment report and recommendations in December 2018.


January – December 2018