Developing a strategic audience focus for Phoenix Brighton


Phoenix was funded by Arts Council England to review and restructure the whole organisation, to put it on a more sustainable footing. One challenge for them was the range of relationship-types they held, low profile and visibility locally, and the potential for conflicts in relationship needs.


Though a series of workshops with Board members and the wider membership, I helped clarify ambitions for the organisation and produce a development strategy pointing up necessary changes to Phoenix’s operations and offer; and how it presents itself externally.

After working with Phoenix on strategic and business planning I supplied the team with a full and prioritised communications strategy, for them to implement as and when resources allowed. This meant that their subsequent activity was focussed on their main aims and so delivered greater resource-efficient benefits


My recommendations have been worked through, including a change of name and emphasis.


May 2006-May 2007


“Rachel’s clarity of thought and strong communications skills, alongside her great interest and knowledge in the arts, were an invaluable contribution to developing our strategy. I would strongly recommend her as a consultant.”


Audience research, Communications campaigns, Strategic planning