Communicating Wellcome Collection’s transformation


While building towards a ‘relaunch’ with new spaces and an expanded visitor programme, Wellcome Collection was in need of an interim communications manager to lead the team that plans and implements the communications campaigns for all the exhibitions, events and overall visitor appeal. The role would also cover communications development around the new provision completion and the launch.


I stepped in to lead and mentor the team, lead on some strategic campaign delivery, and to supply internal consultancy, on audience journey to and around the new facilities, on research and evaluation contracts, the new youth programme formulation and other issues. I also mentored and supported members of the team during this period of change and uncertainty.


As an interim manager I was able to support various team members during rapidly changing circumstances, allowing them to deliver successful campaigns for the Wellcome Trust Book Award, Forensics, The Institute of Sexology, Alice Anderson, An Idiosyncratic A-Z and more, as well as supporting them to expand the interactive social media approach to engagement. I also managed creative agency True North to evolve on-site communications during the transition, and to produce materials to help visitors explore the new offer.


February-March 2016


Communications campaigns, Training and mentoring