Building the tourism audience for Wellcome Collection


Wellcome Collection wants to increase its visitors from and build its profile in other countries. But it also holds to the belief that it doesn’t want to become an over-crowded venue, which would undermine the quality and depth of engagement visitors experience with the collections and exhibitions. The challenge was to attract tourists of a profile that is a natural fit with Wellcome Collection, while being able to drive visits only at the quieter times of the day and week.


I worked with Wellcome Collection on an innovative, highly responsive and targeted way of getting the attention of tourists locally. We analysed the type of tourist likely to find the venue appealing, and worked to identify the places such visitors will stay and spend their time in the local area. The theme of the campaign became an invitation to take a ‘Wellcome Detour’ to and around the venue, using advocates (Air BnB hosts, local walk guides, cafe and restaurant staff and hotel concierges, among others), plus a playful and eye-catching museum-on-a-bike for tactical and time-based interventions. It’s reinforced by active encouragement of social media and online reviews. See the video here.


Visitors are attracted by the quirky and fun approach, and the ability to take the bike and leaflets on the road at quiet times – and at short notice – means those visitors are being guided to the less busy times. People enjoy interacting in the Detourium at the end of their visit, posting photos and reviews online.


February-March 2016


Communications campaigns, Strategic planning