New audience relationships with Watford Palace Theatre


With some solid quantitative audience research from box office behaviour and segmentation, Watford Palace Theatre knew that the balance and size of its audience was changing – some types were becoming less frequent while others had newly emerged. The theatre wanted to overhaul the way it communicated with all of its audiences.


I led focus groups with staff, audiences and senior management team and supporters to explore the value and relationships felt towards the theatre.


Brought in initially to look at ways of updating the communications channels and tone of voice/ brand, my findings resulted in recommendations concerning the café facilities, show timings, programme, additional events and Friends benefits, as well as a significant shift in the way the theatre regards its relationship with audiences.

“Rachel provided in depth analysis of the sessions with essential recommendations. We were able to action many of these recommendations which has led to some major changes in how we communicate to our audiences. From these changes we have seen in the last couple of years an increase of audiences for a number of stands of our work.”


May-September 2015


Audience research, Communications campaigns, Evaluation, Strategic planning