A marketing strategy for British Academy events


The British Academy for Humanities and the Social Sciences has run public events for a few years, and following an organisational review wanted to focus in more detail on the nature of and reason for the events, and the varied audiences the different event strands can attract; and to introduce improved marketing and audience development skills to the team.


I worked alongside the events team to define the different event strands and their unique benefits and appeal. I guided them through audience research to gain a closer understanding of existing and potential audiences. We aimed to ensure that the programming of events matches audience motivations and interests, and refine how and through which channels these messages are conveyed.


We hope to see increased audience levels and reduced ‘drop-out’; and to promote interest in the humanities and social science research fields to a wider and younger public audience.

“Thanks again for your help – this has been a useful process for us and we have a clear way forwards.”


December 2017- March 2018


Audience research, Communications campaigns, Strategic planning