Audience development strategies for Tate’s outreach and education teams


Both the Schools and the Community teams in Tate Modern and Tate Britain needed to overhaul their approaches to their core audiences – starting with understanding who they were and their needs – to more effectively target them now that Tate’s ‘What’s On’ bi-monthly guide was set up.


I consulted with the community development and outreach teams in both Tate Modern and Tate Britain and picked apart the many aspects of their work to reveal that the target of existing publicity was different to the target for the provision. I then produced a step-by-step marketing recipe that could be progressively implemented as resources allowed.

I drew up the launch strategy for a new continuing professional development programme for teachers, then project-managed the print production and evaluation elements of the strategy. With tight deadlines, I liaised with the Tate Modern and Tate Britain schools teams to gather the copy and research images for the schools programme brochures and later updates. I then managed the designer, mailing house and website team to ensure a professional delivery of the information on time. I later came on board to repeat the process with the September 2005 main brochure and updates


The support for both teams allowed them to be more streamlined in their activities, and more focused on understanding the ‘need’ of their target audiences, and therefore to meet that need and convey their activities in a more audience-focused way.


February-August 2005


“Rachel’s consistently high standards of professionalism allowed her to be effective across a very wide range of responsibilities and her dedication to Tate’s needs meant she maximised the return to the organisation from the limited resources available to education.”


Audience research, Communications campaigns, Evaluation, Strategic planning