360-degree audiences segmentation


Many clients come to me wanting to improve their communications or audience development activities, or to improve their programming decisions through a closer understanding of their audiences. But in many cases, while they know some scattered facts about those audiences, they don’t have a fully-rounded picture or know how to interpret their information.


I am not tied to any one segmentation model, so can guide clients through the relevant and interesting insights available from each of the general population or arts and culture-specific models. I can advise which would be the best model to use if further research and analysis would be useful. Most importantly I can then help organisations interpret the information they have, through the lens of their own unique situation. Together, we can make the standard segmentations models live and breathe in their context, so they can truly plan and take action with their own audiences at the core.


I have helped the galleries of the Circuit programme, as well as iOrchestra, The Albany Theatre, and  others make the most of their audience research in this way.


Various: ongoing.



Audience research, Communications campaigns, Training and mentoring