It is now clear how marketing is an integral part of running an arts organisation well.

Aim of the workshop

To support senior managers in understanding how effective communications contributes to overall viability, and how you can boost the impact of communications staff. To explore influencing skills towards stakeholders.

These lively courses encourage you to approach your communications, whether for marketing, audience development, press and critical review, fundraising or stakeholder engagement in a more integrated, strategic way and from a ‘listener’-focused viewpoint. They help you understand why each of your audiences might be interested in what you have to say, which are the best messages to communicate and whether they will hear you.

Who is it for?

For senior managers of arts organisations (artistic directors, chief executives, general managers and others) who do not have a communications or marketing background but who have overall responsibility for those areas and the staff working in them.

Workshop outline

The workshop will help you explore:

  • What you need your organisation to achieve and what part communications activity plays in this.
  • Who you need to influence to achieve your aims.
  • Principles of good communication and how an organisation achieves a balanced communications strategy.
  • Gain an overview of the skills and techniques required of people in a communications role.
  • What decisions and actions at senior level can assist or impede the effective communications and marketing work of your staff
  • Effective stakeholder influencing skills.

Workshop format

This is a full-day workshop with access to online resources afterwards. The workshop is delivered through group work, exercises, tutor-led discussion, Q&A and resources. Participants are encouraged to share your own experience, problems and ideas.

Where next?

This workshop would be reinforced by either a one-to-one surgery session or on-going one-to-one mentoring to support you or your staff in putting the lessons learned into practice. I can also facilitate whole-team or whole-organisation sessions to help you develop and embed your branding and communications approaches.