Cover of the Evaluation Report for Pedestrian's Concept Programme showing young people recording their own music tracks

Taking time for quality

A couple of years ago I was asked to evaluate the Concept project, run by Pedestrian in the East Midlands, which offers young people from a range of backgrounds the chance to create their own, original lyrics and music with the help of professional musicians, and then record it as a CD with tracks from their peers.


I was asked to evaluate both the way the project was run, and the experience and outcomes for the young people.


What I witnessed had a very high degree of quality and success. Among many other factors behind this success, I feel, was the care, attention and resource put into developing and supporting the project staff – whether musicians, facilitators or volunteers – to reflect, contribute and share their practice with each other, and to mentor them to grow their own skills as well as those of the young people. Importantly, time (and money) was set aside to give the staff paid time to train, to prepare each day and then to reflect on each day’s progress, so they could assess and prepare to support each individual young person’s journey the next day.


Well done guys!