Interpretation in the open

Over the summer there has been a lot of advice sought and offered among the members of one sector support group I belong to, about interpreting open parks and landscapes – particularly about audio trails and GPS-based trails.


But on a recent visit to Normandy, I encountered an engaging, inclusive and sustainable way of interpreting open sites. These were panels for circular walks of the several miles long to the countryside and praise must go to the sub-region of the Bessin de Bayeux for rolling out this style across the many villages. What particularly caught my attention were:


  1. The robust construction and clear legibility. The colours and materials blended in with the natural surroundings, but being consistent could be looked out for easily.
  2. Each panel has a drawing of the feature of the area or a building that was raised and could be felt by blind people, accompanied by braille text
  3. Best of all, each panel asked a question that would be answered at the following panel around the walk. All the group, parents and children together, would be encouraged to talk about and explore the possible answer before they reach the next panel.