The next steps: embedding marketing with young people

I’ve run marketing workshops with each of the young people’s peer-leading groups for their own Festivals as part of the Circuit programme (a four-year programme led by Tate and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation).


The workshops concentrate on the different audiences the young people would hope to attract to their festival. I help them visualise those different audiences so they are understood as having different interests and reasons for coming – or not. Part of my aim it to bring the decisions over what to programme closer to the marketing decisions – so that marketing becomes not only a question of getting the message out, but getting the activity right in the first place.


(Here’s a video I recorded for the Circuit website explaining how important I think this is.)


Valentina Orru, Programme and Communications Assistant for Circuit at Tate St Ives, has written a great blog explaining what the next steps were – how they made the ideas from the workshop real in their planning for their upcoming Switch Festival in September.


Top and tail snippets from the blog:

“The biggest challenge (as well as my favourite part) of my job is to sit between two very different teams: Learning and Marketing … switching from one language to another, keeping the conversation relevant for everybody…”


“… a very good opportunity to test new cross-departmental ways of working, and at the same time has contributed to developing more awareness around what we do in our young people’s programme and with Circuit and how it can impact across the organisation … Indeed ‘change’ is one of the key themes of Switch!”


Or read the full post here: Do you speak Marketing? 


Also on the marketing theme is a new video from Whitworth Young Contemporary’s Circuit Festival, WARP – a vox pop with people attending about how they heard of the event. Watch it here and read an associated post.


And Nottingham Contemporary’s youth group Collabor8 shared planning lessons after their own Circuit: Affinity Festival.


All great stuff – generously shared by the Circuit teams.