July 2015 News

July means it’s AMA Conference time, so I’m off to Birmingham to meet up with all those inspiring colleagues – many of whom will be tweeting using @amadigital and #amaconf – if you want to follow the action.


I’ll be looking for ideas and wisdom to share with all my clients, and especially at the moment with Watford Palace Theatre (in the context of audience focus groups I’m running for them); the Philharmonia Orchestra (in relation to the end-of-project evaluation of iOrchestra I’m conducting); and all the galleries of Tate and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Circuit, in my on-going role mentoring them in marketing and communications with and to young people.


For me, it’s all about empathy and getting into the head of the audience – ‘imagining your way in’, I call it, backed up by research, conversations and data.


All of which will get an airing at #amaconf!