Ticketing woes

robust article in a recent issue of The Stage points out the value of a good/ enjoyable user experience in online ticket buying. While I agree it would be good for more of the profit from those higher resale prices people seem prepared to pay, to come to artists and presenters rather than the secondary ticketing companies, I fear that the dynamic pricing software that adjusts prices automatically according to demand risks pissing people off.

Mock up of multiple price bands by Theatre Monkey

Mock up of multiple price bands by Theatre Monkey

Imagine this: someone researches a date and prices, goes to check another date or check if their friend can make it, and when they return to the site the price has gone up! This happens with train fares now to my GREAT annoyance! And if annoyed, people can more easily just decide to boycott a venue than they can a train line.


Or what about hard pricing?


The article by Theatre Monkey advocates a much greater range of price bands based on different seat quality, to be set up front and not then discounted. This is on the basis that the certainty of no discounting later would remove any hesitancy about committing ahead. But if there is no threat of price rises either, would that remove the incentive to commit ahead?