Christmas entertainment

We played host to my parents for an extended visit over Christmas – after a rocky year they had a lot of cultural catching up to do. It was an excuse for us to go to things we might not ordinarily head for. In particular, a matinee performance of a Raymond Gubbay Ltd-promoted Four Seasons By Candlelight’. It was in the Barbican’s Concert Hall though, which is a lovely space. So off we went.


I must say, some things the conductor/ presenter David Juritz got really right for the audience and occasion:

  • giving a little bit of explanation of each of the pieces before they were played
  • setting context and giving us something to listen out for,
  • talking to us!
  • graciously acknowledging applause even when it came in the ‘wrong’ places, by waving towards whichever musician had drawn the praise.


And my mum was thrilled, after years of avoiding classical concerts, to find the Barbican’s hearing loop system gave her a really high quality sound so she too could enjoy herself.