Spring clean your communications

April came to a very satisfying end with the submission of Strategic Touring Fund bids by two clients, the Philharmonia Orchestra and State of Emergency. Phew – we can stop fretting over them until the announcements in June.


Then there was the launch of CultureHive and its richness of free resources for arts marketers and audience development people that I helped get ready.  I’ve spotted some tasty examples there, which I’ll feature in future.


And just as the month ended, Kazzum launched their new website, properly reflecting their approach to life, the world and everything … (in youth theatre, at any rate). I had great fun working with them on drafting the new site – fun within the serious is at the heart of what they do.


Another website refresh went live, this time for the Public Catalogue Foundation’s digitisation services. They’re the folks behind the Your Paintings project, who are putting their immense skills at the service of collections and collectors more generally. They found a quick, intense starter session with me was just the thing to get the tone of the new site right.


And not forgetting Tom Guthrie, who squeezed a bit of time out of his busy opera and singing schedule to run the London Marathon and raise money for Shelter. Arts people just have so much to give.


Now the sun is shining and you may be thinking of a spring clean and general refresh of your communications and audience development skills. That’s why there are five – yes FIVE – of my courses you could book into over the coming weeks. They include special sessions for theatres and performing companies, museums and galleries, craft makers, applied and fine artists, or culture and third sector organisations more generally. I’m even running one myself, as a new venture, in my own backyard at the lovely OneKX.