An excellent arts e-newsletter

Just received this week’s CreativeTorbay email newsletter. I admit I signed up to it at first because of a project I’m working on. But now I simply enjoy getting it. As I don’t get down to that area very often, I wondered why I enjoy the email so much?


1. It’s very professional – bright but stylish and well laid out.


2. It’s content rich with good, varied images in the Events section and the copy snippets are lightly written.


3. It’s not just selling you stuff or begging you to attend stuff. There’s a bit for job and other opportunities, artist profiles, some images to just generally brighten your day, and a couple of videos of local companies or artists at work. Have a look at The Inn Theatre Company here.


One gripe? That the images don’t themselves link to the website content (which would be instinctive) – only the titles of items do.


It’s certainly broadening my view of what’s on offer in the region.