Quality of life

OlympicMountainBike_CanadaWater_2012_08_12_PageCropDea Birkett’s piece in Arts Industry this week speaks of frustration that the Get Ahead of the Game’s messages succeeded in putting a lot of people off going into London, unnecessarily. Well yes, yes, and again yes. I’m sure she’s right. But.


For those of us living and working in central London, the absence of the usual crowds and traffic has been gleeful. I’m sure some of the cheerfulness and welcoming smiles that Jacques Rogge and others commended the capital for in speeches last night were possible because we’ve been given back the space and time to be human in. We could put behind us the usual scurrying and urge to push people out of our way.


So when, on the Today programme this morning, there was a discussion of whether Sunday trading laws should be further relaxed in the wake of the Olympics, I found myself firmly in the ‘keep Sunday special’ camp. I’ve liked the feeling of special days, a different mood and the time to focus on other things. Things that enrich – whether art, sport, religion or your own hobbies.