We are the Future – young people have their say

We are the future image

I’ve just been in another place and another perspective – in the minds of the 100 or so young people who took part in the Emergency Exit Arts- devised events back in April at the Imperial War Museum. The fact that I can have just a vibrant impression of what went back then is thanks to Storify – a great new mash-up tool my colleague Helen Ball told us about and used to capture and evaluate the event … helped by 15-year-old Salem Khazali.

Storify lets you pull together lots of different media – photos, tweets, facebook updates, videos, slide presentation, comments from many different sources, even historical stuff – and drop it into your ‘story’ page along a timeline. So unlike a blog where you somehow have to read things in reverse, a Storify story lets readers feel the growing excitement and unfolding sense of discovery.

So take a look at We are the Future and go all the way through the day with them – energetic, inspiring, challenging.

I’m particularly struck by – Camilla de Olivera’s monologue on last year’s Riots, seeing young people developing campaigns on things they care about, a suggestion the TfL staff should wear a hoodie for a day and see how they’re reacted to! What people feel about stop and search – and so much more.