Impact of pricing?

A few times recently I have attended performances at some of the larger venues in London, sitting in parts of the auditorium that I don’t usually sit it  – sometimes because of late booking, sometimes poverty, or at others due to my own assessment of how much I was prepared to ‘risk’ for a ticket to something outside my comfort zone.


Looking around, I had the distinct impression that in each case the performance had attracted a ‘new’ audience. If the commonest audience segments for these art forms (as revealed in Audiences London Plus’ Snapshot London: Performing Arts analysis) are the Mosaic ‘Liberal Opinions’ Group (mostly Urban Cools, Bright Young Things and Convivial Homeowners), then it was my impression that the people around me bucked those trends. They were older – grey haired! – and rather dolled up. There was a soupçon of special occasion. In Arts Audiences Insights terms, less Urban Arts Eclectic, more Dinner and a Show.


Then it struck me – the common factor was the area of the auditorium I found myself in each time. So I wonder – has there been any segmentation of audiences according to price bracket? Is the quality of the experience subtly different for different segments depending on price? And what impact might that have?