The Brodsky Quartet gave a lively weekend of Shostakovich quartets last weekend at Kings Place. I could only make the first concert on the Friday evening – and had been enticed there by a friend, unused to classical music, who had been ‘sent’ there as part of her Open University module. Not only was it a delicious re-introduction to the delicacy and clarity of small bands rather than a full symphony, but the points my friend had been told to pay attention to (how the musicians communicated when there was no conductor; how the composed had conveyed dissent through the music) gave a fresh framework that saw me paying close attention. And with attention goes reward.

In a different sphere, one of my earliest clients, Julie McNamara, has announced a new production company that will be disability led and “sets out to expose hidden voices, often existing on the periphery of our communities with extraordinary stories to tell. The artistic style is highly visual, blending strong visual imagery with provocative literary narrative.”

The company launches on 9thJune – read more here and here.

And at the other end of the scale, a big welcome to – the Arts Council and the BBC’s joint online (and some TV) arts channel that will take us through the summer. And hopefully beyond.

Only problem is, there’s so much content … but I don’t want to sit and stare at my computer any more than I have to. This content should be absorbed in a pleasurable, attention-paying way.

I have FreeviewHD TV, but when I reached channel 117 as instructed I got a message saying my device isn’t compatible. So I fear I won’t be viewing the site much after all.