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The five rings

I’ve just attended a seminar that put the frighteners on everyone who was there. It was all about the Olympics, and what the creative sector can and can’t do to make the most of the huge opportunity we’ve all been told the Games will bring us. HOWEVER, at the same time that the phrase cultural Olympiad is being tossed gaily around, and arts organisations are being urged – nay ordered – to put on a good show with zero extra money, new intellectual property laws have been passed that lock down the use of a whole range of words, phrases, signs and symbols to do with the event. And the strong advice, given by leading intellectual property lawyers Marks & Clerk at the latest Own-It seminar, was to be very wary of risking a court case; to make sure you understand what is allowed and what isn’t; to get expert advice on proposals; and even perhaps to contact LOCOG for guidance!


There isn’t space to detail all the advice here, so if you’re at all thinking of taking advantage of ‘the big event that is coming to London in a few years’ time’, do get in touch for more information, or watch out for other information seminars in future.